Kodar Tech

Kodar Tech

KodarTech est une maison intelligente et une entreprise de sauvegarde d'énergie qui offre de l'électricité en tant que service ainsi que la possibilité de surveiller et de contrôler la maison à partir d'un smartphone.


Globally 1.2 billion people live without power, 827 million of them live in Africa, 550 million in sub-Saharan Africa. To meet up with the shortage in power supply, they turn to gasoline generators, which are noisy, expensive at about 12530 naira a month


Kodar Tech offer a pay as you go smart home and solar generation system that allows you to power your devices and gadgets during blackouts, and also gives you the ability to monitor and control your home in real-time with our seamless iot integration for as little as 15$ each month