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6 Things to Look Forward to at the Fintech SDG Hackathon

Already we know that Hackathons with AfricaHacks are usually superb! The organizers ensure that every event is loaded and that participants get the best resources available, always!

If you’re interested in registering for the Fintech SDG Hackathon created by Financial Centre For Sustainability, Lagos and Nigeria Climate Innovation Centre (NCIC) in partnership with AfricaHacks and Access Bank and supported by the Office of the Vice President of Nigeria, here are some of the things you should look forward to:

The Community:

With AfricaHacks, there is always a community of people supporting one another and giving advice. Whether you have a product, an idea, or a brand, you’ll definitely meet someone enthusiastic about your vision and ready to pair up. During the AfricaHacks 2020, I made a couple of friends whom I’m still in touch with. So yes! If you’re looking to make more friends in the field, you’ll find out there are more than enough people.

The Giveaways and Perks:

No one does as much giveaway as AfricaHacks. Every day of the Hackathon, you stand a chance to win something. With every milestone, there’s usually a perk waiting for you to claim it. There are social media challenges and even in-house trivia. You shouldn’t miss that

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The Growth

AfricaHacks brings experts to discuss with participants and mentor them at all times. I don’t know how it’s pulled off, but you’ll find a speaker you have been looking forward to hearing on one of the panels. There are also hacks and ideas sharing and the chance to learn through several training and webinars.   With AfricaHacks, not only will you be challenged to learn and grow, but you’ll also be given the resources you need. 

The Chimoney

Here’s a secret I think you should know. Chimoney is one of my favourite things now. I have been learning about cryptocurrency, and with the ban that doesn’t allow Nigerians to buy directly, all I have to do is wait for someone to send me chimoney. You can convert it to airtime, BTC, ETH, and other types of crypto coins. Tell me you don’t want that! Joining the Hackathon means you stand a chance to win lots of Chimoney sometimes soon. Create a wallet because you’ll be needing it.

The Resources

Rather than use your money for the hosting and web setups, AfricaHacks always has something up their sleeves to help. They provide credits, funds, and other resources to help participants do well in the Hackathon.

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