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Review of Top Hackathon Projects in Africa: Naijahacks 2019

Naijahacks 2019, an AfricaHacks Member event, was full of excitement, thrilling moments, exposure to huge successful personalities in the tech industry. During the hackathon, a lot of participants developed ideas and implemented their ideas through different technological platforms. These Hackathon Projects in Africa and ideas were judged in terms of their viability and sustainability to proferring solutions to looming and existing problems in the country by different professionals in various sectors.

According to steven johnson, ” If you look at history, innovation doesn’t come just from giving people incentives; it comes from creating environments where their ideas can connect. ” The top Hackathon Projects in Africa at Naijahacks 2019 were able to identify the needs of the current environments they find themselves in. Some of the top projects which participants developed in Naijahacks 2019 edition includes:


Bridge is an online platform that basically helps you find people you can outsource physical tasks to; from simple tasks like cleaning and laundry to a task that can help a small business grow like logo design and website design scaling to tasks that can help big companies scale their workforce like virtual assistance and customer help services. You can check more information about Bridge on Devpost.

Acevote is a decentralized Voting Application that runs on the Ethereum Blockchain. Solution Ace vote allows users with a unique Ethereum blockchain address vote only once wherever they are and regardless of the device they possess. The user uses their voter’s registration I.D to generate a unique private key which allows them to cast their votes once and once only. The private key can be generated online with internet access or offline with USSD code, and at the same time, the users can vote online or offline. This allows transparency in the voting process, ensures voters security and anonymity and reduces the processing time of vote results. Also, it does not involve the use of paper and so lowers carbon footprint. You can check more information about Acevote on Devpost.

Trackam is an app ensuring safer transits among trusted individuals who have each other’s interests in mind. TrackAm makes it easy for users to know the exact location of loved ones, assets, and devices. The app can be used as a people and property monitoring tool. It can also be used to track missing phones and as a notification tool when the user is close and/or in the same location as other participants. More information about Trackam can be checked on Devpost. Trackam is also in the AfricaHacks Incubation program.

CT- Eye is an Instant Crime Report, Database&Tracking System which provides citizen safety through encouraging reporting of crime & criminal data by users from the convenience of their phones. (SMS, app or web), supporting & bridging the gap between law enforcement & civilians by creating an independent DB, serving as a channel supplied & updated by either side, & accessible to both and creating & publishing a visual representation of real-time Crime statistics in the country on a location/type/time map basis, which will be accessible to the public.(web & social media). This will allow citizens to better appraise, encourage or criticize government/Law enforcement effort & policies. You view more information about CT-Eye on Devpost.

Get A Job is a platform where people with diverse skills meet potential clients looking to hire and where people without skills learn skills. Skills such as web development, graphics design, content writing, and many more are in high demand in the country, it is also a good platform where you can connect with people offering this services in real-time will be a good time and energy saver. You can check more information about Get A Job on devpost.

Are you excited about the amazing hackathon projects in Africa that you have previewed so far? There are more projects you can look into, all you have to do is to click on this link. All these should kee you warmed up about creating solutions to different problems in the country in which you can make these ideas and solutions come through via the next edition of Naijahacks. Stay safe and ensure you stay at home during this period.

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